I work for the G-Node (GitHub/G-Node) at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


Brief descriptions of all G-Node projects can be found on the G-Node projects page.

My work consists of maintaining and developing the following projects:


GIN is a data hosting platform based on GOGS, an open source hosted Git service. Our implementation adds support for versioning data using Git-annex. It supports versioning, collaboration, indexing and search, and publication of scientific data.

We also provide a command line client (GIN CLI) that simplifies common Git and Git-annex operations.


NIX is an open source format and library for storing neuroscientific data. The main reference implementation is called NIXIO. NIXPy is a Python implementation of the reference spec.

NIX also serves as one of the storage backends for NEO, a package for representing electrophysiology data in Python. The Neo NIX I/O creates a route for raw data in various proprietary and open formats to be converted to the open NIX format via the NEO data structures.